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Newest Pen Cushion: Solitary by DarkEcho
Featured Subscribers Poem: Leave silently by kayla
Love number one and lover number two by blueeyedconfessions - (Broken heart poetry)
not my best but i needed to get it down..
The Night Within by Atavist - (Dark poetry)
The sun makes us all cast something resembling us without the same restrictions.Our own piece of night may not be as much of ourselves as we would think.
Skeletal Inconsistencies by PoeticPrincess - (Sad poetry)
Sorry again for taking so long to post, major exams very soon! I appreciate feedback, thanks :)
Ripe Stains by IsabelleLockhart - (Dark poetry)
I am really stressed right now and have been having dark thoughts. This is my artistic way of venting. I hope you enjoy it.
The Unsent Poem by Brandon - (Broken heart poetry)
This is about those poems you pour all your feelings into and never give them to the person that needs to read them
Welcome to Eden by prettyspl - (Other poetry)
I think being so sick a couple of weeks ago inspired me to write this...
Incessant Recollection by xJeskaDollx - (Other poetry)
Raw, unfettered, fragmented. Part of my 30/30. Better suggestion for title?
A Black King by FavoriteTheMute - (Other poetry)
Thank you for reading.
What If? by Willowhisper - (Dark poetry)
This a spoken word poem I created about bullying
I am all and yet nothing by Nick1959 - (Inspirational poetry)
I am searching for myself
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