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Newest Pen Cushion: Solitary by DarkEcho
Featured Subscribers Poem: Leave silently by kayla
Paperclips and Rubberbands by MrGrunty - (Other poetry)
a poem about the passage of time.
The Unsent Poem by Brandon - (Broken heart poetry)
This is about those poems you pour all your feelings into and never give them to the person that needs to read them
Death Do'th Become Her by prettyspl - (Dark poetry)
I wonder if Death is what many perceive it to be?
Some Die Just To Live by MrGrunty - (Other poetry)
Too much time in the material and too little time in the spiritual causes decay.
The Unholy Envoy. by SoulSage1 - (Dark poetry)
A recent work that I hope you enjoy.
Of Regrets and Butchered Shadows by deadiam - (Dark poetry)
let me know what you think guys....
Momento Mori by Nick1959 - (Other poetry)
A reflection on the death of my Grandmother.
love or lust, which is it? by underneathitall - (Love poetry)
relationships blur lines at times
I Want You Now by Brandon - (Love poetry)
Enter if you are 18 or older... If you are under 18 look around and then enter
Break by FavoriteTheMute - (Dark poetry)
Thank you.
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