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Newest Pen Cushion: Solitary by DarkEcho
Featured Subscribers Poem: Moonlit walk by n200057
Leo ex Aries by DarkEcho - (Broken heart poetry)
A short narrative modified to a story
It's Time by google - (Other poetry)
Easy Does It by FavoriteTheMute - (Dark poetry)
Thank you for reading and thank you for any comments.
Current by SLIPshodSLIP - (Sad poetry)
Haven't wrote in some time. Let me know how it is
A Proposal by blackfallenrose07 - (Dark poetry)
Free write
Cycling into the cold by SilentWords - (Other poetry)
Deep in thought... maybe too deep. I'll let you decide.
Angel Eyes by Brandon - (Friendship poetry)
Her beautiful eyes kept me from thinking about anything else
yesterdays fortune by thestutteringbandit - (Other poetry)
this cant be growing up?
Red Devil by nocturnus - (Other poetry)
Just a simple read would be enough :)
We'll See How It Goes. by HallowReveries - (Love poetry)
It's pretty sappy, to be entirely honest. I was more speaking to myself, I suppose. Also somewhat cliche, I guess. Oh well. Read it if you please. It has been sometime since I have felt the emotions to write this way.