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Newest Pen Cushion: Solitary by DarkEcho
Featured Subscribers Poem: Pretty Little Broken Feet by moonlightmage
Never Again by Brandon - (Friendship poetry)
I wrote this for a friend who went through years of abuse and survived and is happy today. She said it was alright for me to post.
The Bitch and The Saxophone by FavoriteTheMute - (Dark poetry)
Thank you for reading.
A Girlfriend's Guide to Perverts by FavoriteTheMute - (Dark poetry)
Thank you so much for reading. Thank you very much for commenting.
Champion of Sorrow by ToothxGrinder - (Inspirational poetry)
Had a crazy dream that showed me the numbers 137 with karmic number 11. It really makes sense when i looked into them during the hard times im am going through with the loss of friends and the betrayal from loved ones,
The Truth, as I would have it by SilentWords - (Other poetry)
I am not good at just coming out and saying how I feel, I have my own ways of expressing how I feel, Maybe that's why no one understands me eh? Not my best, but oh well.
Newly enchanted by an old silence by SilentWords - (Other poetry)
There is so much magic in this world... and when I'm not so jaded I can still feel it.
The Ripple by HallowReveries - (Other poetry)
Read it, if you wish.
Deeply Beside by Psychobabbled - (Love poetry)
Deeply in love as we sat beside, where thoughts of love lives inside
Haikus by deadiam - (Dark poetry)
My attempt at a number of haikus, I never really written this type of poems before...enjoy
Weight of a pallid Ocean by nocturnus - (Other poetry)
Creation of universe in small matter :)