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Newest Pen Cushion: Searching for the Site's Monkey by darksideofme
Featured Subscribers Poem: Not What You Said by friendZdogZ
Biblical Role Play by inkblot - (Other poetry)
Christianity makes me giggle.
Fall by google - (Other poetry)
Immolation and Conversation by deadiam - (Dark poetry)
A coversation with self....
Today I Felt Like Dying by Kumoriko - (Dark poetry)
Sometimes we come to a point where we just want to end it.
The Truth, as I would have it by SilentWords - (Other poetry)
I am not good at just coming out and saying how I feel, I have my own ways of expressing how I feel, Maybe that's why no one understands me eh? Not my best, but oh well.
Best Metal by FavoriteTheMute - (Dark poetry)
Thank you for reading.
Newly enchanted by an old silence by SilentWords - (Other poetry)
There is so much magic in this world... and when I'm not so jaded I can still feel it.
With Twilight I am Tortured by deadiam - (Dark poetry)
Been stuck in my head as of late
The Woods of My Haunting by deadiam - (Dark poetry)
Have alot on my mind lately...just a pen to pad sort of write
Election Inspection by FavoriteTheMute - (Dark poetry)
Thank you for reading.