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Newest Pen Cushion: Searching for the Site's Monkey by darksideofme
Featured Subscribers Poem: Cutting edge and paper stains by DarkEcho
Current by SLIPshodSLIP - (Sad poetry)
Haven't wrote in some time. Let me know how it is
current autobiography by Maks - (Sad poetry)
hello. again.
Leaky Faucets by SilentWords - (Other poetry)
I can torerate always be wrong, no skin off my back. But tell me something I don't know...
Spliting hairs with a dollar bill by SilentWords - (Other poetry)
the root of all evil, or the seeds to happiness?
Hall Of The Fallen by prettyspl - (Broken heart poetry)
When there's nothing else to fight for; surrender.
On that fair day, she saw death. by LucidMuse - (Dark poetry)
What we came across on a chance walk through the forest.
I will never by FailedCondom - (Other poetry)
I haven't written anything in a long time, but I'm starting it up again, because I'll always come back. This is about my inability to finish what I start. Warning: it's awful.
Innocence Stolen by Brandon - (Sad poetry)
This is about a girl who suffers from sexual abuse at home
Singed by BreeBree - (Other poetry)
bleep. Probably not about what you think.
I don't want to admit this to anyone but strangers on the internet by BreeBree - (Love poetry)
Drugs are hard to deal with from the outside.