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Newest Pen Cushion: Solitary by DarkEcho
Featured Subscribers Poem: Can Ducks read? by JamesR
The Weigh of the World by Atavist - (Other poetry)
Failure is a terrible paradigm to be held to.
I am all and yet nothing by Nick1959 - (Inspirational poetry)
I am searching for myself
Lemon Letters by PrettyOdd - (Other poetry)
It's more of an intense friendship love than romantic love. (My rhymes took a dive halfway through so I'll have to come back to this sometime and fix it.)
A Place For Me by prettyspl - (Dark poetry)
I haven't posted anything for a while. I hope this piece explains where I've been to some extent.
The Grunty or the Egg? by MrGrunty - (Broken heart poetry)
The Cure by IsabelleLockhart - (Other poetry)
This piece is somewhat a personal venting, but don't worry: I am not dying. I amped it up for literary effect. Enjoy!
Burn Out by prettyspl - (Broken heart poetry)
I'm not good at this ...
petrichor by thestutteringbandit - (Sad poetry)
Single life by Atavist - (Dark poetry)
Hard to find meaningful when people see only as far as your skin.
Sometime Early September by Haylo - (Other poetry)
I taste a memory