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Newest Pen Cushion: Solitary by DarkEcho
Featured Subscribers Poem: Diary of a Wretched Mind by majikmanmike
Always Will by youdontknow23 - (Broken heart poetry)
I know I keep writing about the same thing but its always on my heart and running through my mind. i have yet to figure anything out.
Of Childlike Innocence by Selene - (Love poetry)
a sort of fond memory of more innocent times past
No Means No by FavoriteTheMute - (Dark poetry)
Thank you for reading. Sex is awesome but so is intimacy. And then more sex.
The Weigh of the World by Atavist - (Other poetry)
Failure is a terrible paradigm to be held to.
Why Normal by Nick1959 - (Inspirational poetry)
Why do people what to be normal, it is beyond me.
So Many lies by fullmoon65 - (Broken heart poetry)
random thoughts. What do you think?
Burn Out by prettyspl - (Broken heart poetry)
I'm not good at this ...
The Lying Sea by PrettyOdd - (Other poetry)
I'm just a brown-eyed whatever, in love with the sea and afraid of my dreams.
Fight or Flight by Atavist - (Other poetry)
Watching another soul kick against dying flesh is an emotional crucible.
cinder-block walls by BreeBree - (Love poetry)
"The trick of love is that is it a decision as much as a feeling... The trick of perfection is that you never stop wanting it."