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Newest Pen Cushion: Searching for the Site's Monkey by darksideofme
Featured Subscribers Poem: Jenny Kissed Me by seekerblue
Over and Out by prettyspl - (Other poetry)
Life moves way too fast ...
Of Childlike Innocence by Selene - (Love poetry)
a sort of fond memory of more innocent times past
So Many lies by fullmoon65 - (Broken heart poetry)
random thoughts. What do you think?
School by jacobc - (Funny poetry)
A funny version of school. I showed this to the teacher. :P
Now they cry by Darkdaydreamer - (Dark poetry)
I think I'm kinda just depressed right now, so read comment and vote pleae cause I need some feed back
The Writing Desk by PrettyOdd - (Love poetry)
This wasn�t supposed to rhyme. At all. And it�s a real piece of crap. That�s what happens when I get all emotional. (Yes,
Selene's apple by Selene - (Love poetry)
feeling shitty
He Who Speaketh by prettyspl - (Dark poetry)
Not sure where this one came from but .. it was interesting to play with. As always, comments welcome.
Losing it by MindTwister - (Funny poetry)
My pot is so annoying lol please comment
NiggaFaggot by razegeneration - (Inspirational poetry)
I'm a double minority... (thisz poem was originally written to be spokenword, but i thought I'd try it out here first, let me know what you think)