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Newest Pen Cushion: Searching for the Site's Monkey by darksideofme
Featured Subscribers Poem: Cutting edge and paper stains by DarkEcho
The Woods of My Haunting by deadiam - (Dark poetry)
Have alot on my mind lately...just a pen to pad sort of write
Mountain by deadiam - (Dark poetry)
been awhile since I have written or posted...enjoy
Stone Garden by deadiam - (Dark poetry)
poem I found on my phone from awhile ago
Haiku by SLIPshodSLIP - (Dark poetry)
i do things way to early in the morning
One Day by LucidMuse - (Other poetry)
A lament
Singed by BreeBree - (Other poetry)
bleep. Probably not about what you think.
The Lying Sea by PrettyOdd - (Other poetry)
I'm just a brown-eyed whatever, in love with the sea and afraid of my dreams.
Growing Pains by EMSO - (Other poetry)
not sure I know how to do this anymore
The Servant by prettyspl - (Dark poetry)
I found some (really) old poetry I had written years ago, like 10-15! Here is one of them. Let me know what you think. Thank you for reading...
the Rainbow Lied by google - (Other poetry)