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Here you can look through all the poetry from within the community. Enjoy!
The Shadow Agra by deadiam - (Dark poetry)
Bits and peices of stories that float around my head...ne ways enjoy
Property by nocturnus - (Other poetry)
Short stuff yet again. Thank you for reading
Absence of Sleep by LucidMuse - (Other poetry)
A revision of an old poem of mine.
Believe by Psychobabbled - (Love poetry)
I still would like to believe
A Love Unheard by Kiam - (Broken heart poetry)
Poem describes a Woman, every man she falls in love with end up either already in a relationship or get into relationship with someone else
My World Apart by minjask6572 - (Broken heart poetry)
The love of my life left without saying goodbye
She Swings by LucidMuse - (Dark poetry)
Death, war, and time. (A revisal.)
Null by nocturnus - (Other poetry)
Short stuff
Feathers by Nikisweet - (Sad poetry)
I've recently decided to try writing poetry again. This is pretty much how I've been feeling for a while.

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