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Outlive the Past by minjask6572 - (Broken heart poetry)
I think I might have finally convinced myself to move on
Epiphany by PrettyOdd - (Other poetry)
I wrote this years ago and wanted to add to it, but could never find the right words.
Creeping Walls by ITSaCRISIS - (Dark poetry)
Are you really your worst enemy?
After The Storm by Nick1959 - (Love poetry)
You find love unexpectedly
you know what it was by DarkCobra - (Dark poetry)
it's been a while since i have written a poem , so i am INCREDIBLY rusty. apologies for such bad quality , but i figured i should post after it's been a long time.
Cutting Tongues by Psychobabbled - (Other poetry)
A war on our freedom of speech
Tombs Spoke of Promises by nocturnus - (Dark poetry)
I want to dedicate this poem to prettyspl. Thank you, you gave me an inspiration to write this one.

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