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You ask by Nick1959 - (Love poetry)
She asked why I love her
Dreamer by ITSaCRISIS - (Broken heart poetry)
A little exchange that happened in my head.
Crooked by ITSaCRISIS - (Love poetry)
Sometimes someone else can see more of you than you can.
Can't Stop The Pull by thequietbull - (Other poetry)
Rough poem. But for someone special.
Least We Forget by Nick1959 - (Other poetry)
We should never forget
The Darker Side by Nick1959 - (Other poetry)
I have been wandering the shadows of Phnom Penh
It is you I want by Nick1959 - (Love poetry)
A sad love poem, so tragic
10000 days by Nick1959 - (Other poetry)
I offered her everythinh she choose everything but me
I should run by Nick1959 - (Love poetry)
I fell I should run but which way

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