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Although broken hearts are painful, they inspire many of us to write our best poetry, some morbid, some blissful. A broken heart poem may be just what we need to help us get over our rough period in time.

sky so blue by underneathitall
Bloodborne (The Jennifer Lawrence Experience) by FavoriteTheMute
Thank you for reading.
reverberate patterns upon etched skin by underneathitall
distance kills by underneathitall
for all it's worth you are more than i could adequately be by underneathitall
Unspoken Pages by ITSaCRISIS
If you don't say something, you might not get the chance again.
Fool's Paradise by Heartless1903
Her hold was so strong, and it lasted so long.
Girl by FavoriteTheMute
Thank you for reading.
Without you by rosky71
Depression can get you to see things for what you want to see rather than what it really is
Treasures Broken by Atysix
I didn't know you were so unhappy. I hope one day you smile again. I wish it were for me.
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