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Life is a Cruel Joke

I'm drowning in pain
I reach out in vain
The ones that care
Are not there
I can't speak
Am I weak?

This scar on my wrist
How can I resist
The bliss it gives
Though short lived
I can't stop
Am I lost?

I try to swith my mind off
But my thoughts keep racing
All I can think of it you
It doesn't make sense,
This love.
I can't stop
And it's killing me
Seeing you love her

I trust too easily
Now you just hurt me
You know everything.
I thought there could be something,
Something between you and me,
But when she sobbed and begged
And threatened her life,
You went back.
Back to your computer screen.
Well, I hope you enjoy that,
Enjoy your cold, hard embrace
Because you won't be back in my arms,
My trust, my heart.

Life is a cruel joke
That I've drown in.

by SaphiraRose900
posted on 07/14/2012

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Comment by FlightRisk: Jul 22, 2012 1:33 am
Sad face Ouch. That is harsh and sad, what a disappointment! Dx And this person knew everything? That's even worse, trusting someone with everything, just to realize too late that they aren't trustworthy :/ I don't think I'm helping lol But anyways, Sad piece, girl. :[
Comment by PoeticPrincess: Jul 16, 2012 11:44 am
You could really feel the emotion in this poem. There was a nice rhyme scheme and flow as well. I could relate, lovely write. By the way I hope you can move on from that jerk.
Comment by fullmoon65: Jul 13, 2012 11:47 pm
Hun I am here. weither you believe it or not I am here. you could have came and sat with us. He wouldnt have cared. He knows my friends are every thing to me....the one true family i have. So please dont pull away from me. I love you sis
Comment by youdontknow23: Jul 13, 2012 9:52 pm
This is great. You can really feel the pain... I hope things get better.

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