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Same(Something more)

Deep down I know something is wrong
but I just dont want to admit it.
Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like,
If every thing was "PERFECT"
I wonder what it would be like to be wanted and to feel needed.
I dont know what to do any more.
I know in my heart it's time to walk out that door.
Something new is calling my name,
And I have a feeling life wont be the same.
I'm sorry to do this,
But I'm sick of your kiss.
You are slowly killing me inside,
If I stay I think I'll die.
It's time for me to be alone,
It's time for me to go out on my own.

by bookslol12
posted on 05/15/2013

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Comment by Nick1959: May 16, 2013 7:45 pm
I agree with princess, and you should feel needed if you don't then something is missing don't walk out the door if you feel that way run. But be sure if what and why you feel that way first

Comment by PoeticPrincess: May 16, 2013 4:10 pm
Perfection is overrated hun. Anyway don't stay out of guilt, listen to your heart.

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