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When things got hard. (You Left Me)

i said for always and forever
because i ment it
i said i loved you so much
because it is true
i said i need you in my life
because i cant live without you

when things get hard,
i try hard to stay strong.
when things got hard,
i tried so hard for you.
when things got really hard,
i never left you,
not really,
left my mind.
but you left me.
when things got hard,
you left me
when i needed you most
i cried my heart out
when i thought forever was true
you left me
and then
to me
and i
still loved
you so much i couldnt
even hesitate in taking you back.

but my love, my sweet, my life,
you had broken me so far,
im so sorry, it was so stupid
but i couldnt take it
loosing you
shattered me
so i just
cut and
it felt better
and i feel so stupid now
while your back in my arms
and we try to pretend that this didnt happen
but my love my sweet my life,
it did happen
and i have the cuts to prove my pain
my suffering
while you left me

my love
i still love you
i love you forever
i will never stop
you are my world
and without you i have no world
it came crashing down
and i drown in my own tears
for they never stopped
when you said
its over

if you truly feel like it is over
i will let you go
ill never stop loving you
i can never stop loving you
i just want you to be happy
and if thats not with me
i understand love, i do

i still love you forever..
i still always will love you
and i still want to be with you forever
i do not wish this to happen again
i no you dont either..
so help me
stay strong with me
i can not hold us both up at all times
and i know you know that.
im here for you.
i promise that
im here for you
as much as i can be.

i hope i never have to loose you again
i hope ill never have to say goodbye
i hope to never be in that pain again
but for you ill do anything
i just hope
you know what your doing
before you make your final decision

just know
ill never stop loving you
no matter what
you will always have my heart.

<3 </3 <3

by kiraralee77
posted on 06/08/2009

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Comment by kiraralee77: Jun 8, 2009 2:50 pm
thank you for your comment.
things are better... but its still hard... but such is life. i just had to write.
and i totally agree... we poor all we have into the ones we truly love... makes us weak without them.
thanks again. for your comment flippin. =)
Comment by flippinthrulife17: Jun 8, 2009 5:17 am
wow. its scary how weak we can be for the people we truly love, huh? O.O
this just proves it. and it makes me so sad because I can relate more than I should. good poem, and you're a beautiful person and whoever treated you like this-obviously doesn't see it like they should. :/

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