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Darkness surrounds many of us, especially teens. Adolescent years are the hardest of all in transition to adulthood. Writing poetry helps relieve pain and live another day... These are the most recent dark poetry.

Espy the Storm by deadiam
been awhile enjoy
semantic's use flower's to get high by underneathitall
Untitled by underneathitall
untitled pieces repeat themselves by night
Save yourself by underneathitall
part 3
The End by Psychobabbled
It feels like the end of the world
Intoxicate the devil by underneathitall
is wandering intentional or subconscious
Nobody Will Save You by blackfallenrose07
late night write
When She Fell by deadiam
One of mourning, love etc...enjoy
Stained fingers and bloodied fists by deadiam
An dark relationship...enjoy the read
Abacus Woe by deadiam
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