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End of Life

I feel like a train wreck
My mind is going dead
Starting to die
Seeing my blood shed
The knife that pierced my heart
Was wielded by my hand
It is time for me
To leave this accursed land
The pain got unbearable
I could take no more
So now Iím lying here
Bleeding out on the floor

No one will notice
That I am gone from this place
Theyíll just see a vacant body
With pain on its face
They wonít care that Iím gone
They wonít care that Iím dead
They never cared about me
Why should they care in the end?

So now Iím almost dead
My soul is ready to leave
I just hope that there is someone
Who for me will grieve
I donít know who will grieve
I donít know who will cry
I donít know who will say
ďWhy did he have to die?Ē

Itís time for me to go
To leave this screwed up life
Itís time for my soul to fly
Away from all this strife
I finally feel peace
In my heart and in my head
So now I will pass
So now I am dead

by AngelofLonging
posted on 12/06/2010

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Comment by nakiva: Dec 8, 2010 1:31 am
I have felt this way many times and have almost gotten my wish and once your on the other side (or maybe just hallucinating while your heart is stopped) it is not peaceful but dark and lonely and so you are stuck in what you are trying to escape, I guess it is just called hell.
Comment by OnMyOwn: Dec 7, 2010 6:13 am
This is so sad but I love it. Great write. Smiley

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