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Best Guy Friend

I've been thinking a lot about you.
I think about the things you used to do.
But then it brings me to teh point, of how your always there.
How no matter what, you don't forget to care.
you helped me through some hard times, when I thought I wouldn't make it through.
Maybe it's good that I'm falling for someone good just like you.
you'll help me out of the dark, and help me see the light.
you'll help me understand why I'm not feeling right.
your my friend, but I want to be more.
your the only guy who doesn't think he's hardcore.
your the only guy I think of when I fall asleep.
your the only thing running through my mind.
your the best guy I will ever find.

by Haileybaby
posted on 09/22/2008

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Comment by mysterygrl: Sep 22, 2008 3:15 pm
awwwwwww how sweet!!!
you know i am here to dont forget me...lol

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