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Drifting apart

we were once so close
and now so far
once together
now miles apart

i should have known the friendship would grow cold
even when you kept on telling me it wouldnt
i hardly know you anymore
and neither do you me
what was once such a beautiful friendship
is nothing anymore
just a fragmented memory

i always remember the good times
and try to forget the bad
but its just not the same anymore
without you to guide my path

why did we have to drift apart
so slowly but so surely
one day we were one and the next we were two
it always happens, i should have known that
we never had much keeping the flame burning
it has now been extinguished
without neither of us knowing
but i do now, now its too late

i no longer know you as much as i used to
we hardly talk anymore
but if i ask you why did we grow apart
you always say we havent
yet we have cant you see?
its not the same as it once was
was it you or was it me?

by nickson104
posted on 07/12/2007

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Comment by ravergirl16: Jun 22, 2011 6:51 pm
This poem really related to me. in fact i'm very upset about something like that. it all started in 8th grade when i met this girl named laura. she was a really good friend. soon we were really close. i went to her house and we would hang out. then in...ninth grade everything changed. now all we do is wave and smile. I feel as if those bff bracelets mean nothing now. Sad face when my ninth grade year begun, i remet one of my acquaintinces from one of my old schools. we rejoined and were united. then we became really close. we drew together, talked about our fantasies together, talked about anime, we even meditated together and did mind-readings. i even went over her house! we were really close. when they were driving me back home in the dark night she looked at me and said "pinke promise we'll be friends forever" and we pinkie promised... and now...we barely ever talk. i dont even think she considers me as a best friend anymore. i wasn't added to her best friends column on facebook.
Comment by bubbles20257: Jan 8, 2008 11:28 pm
I can totally relate to this, as my friend and I have drifted apart recently. Well done, nicely written Smiley
Comment by moonlight: Jan 8, 2008 9:36 pm
good poem!
Comment by xoxlostlovexox: Jul 23, 2007 10:23 pm
great poem...!!!!!!!!
Comment by KillerBlueEyes: Jul 16, 2007 2:19 pm
awesome poem, its real good
Comment by MsKeys1707: Jul 12, 2007 5:42 pm
+This is Amazing
I love it because its the kind of thoughts that makes me think of the bond between me and my cousin we were soo close when we were little and then when she hit her teens she tunred to a completely diff person and we didn't connect like we use to
But I really like this poem, Beautifully WrittenSmiley
Comment by missingmom: Jul 12, 2007 4:40 pm
Wow! great poem, I really can relate to this one, it's like the one I wrote for my friend, Broken Circle/Broken Heart. Voting up! Smiley
Comment by MechanicalAnimal: Jul 12, 2007 3:39 pm
It was probably her. Good poem.
Comment by kayla: Jul 12, 2007 2:48 pm
great poem, sad when friendships drift in different directions, i can relate.

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