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When my mistress Sleep
Comes to my bed
And wraps me in her arms,
I wait to dream
For you are the star upon the stage.

We live the scenes I know by heart
The birth and Spring,
Your life has been to now.

Spring indeed!
With flowers, showers and fluffy clouds,
Smiles and tears and trips to lands afar.

I watched you grow from babe to lady fair
But most of all I watched you love
All who came upon the stage;
The weak dealt kindness by your touch,
And from your hands deeds of care.

As morning comes,
My Mistress Sleep steals away;
And, now my dreams are those
Which ride the mount of day,
You are there, guard by my side,
That fights all those lonely hours
That attack me as I ride;
Through restraining bars,
By hostile seas,
Over burning mountains;
And countries torn by strife;
I feel them touch my life.

The crown I wear for giving you
To a World weak and pitiful
Will be made brilliant
As you pass you Summer, Fall and Winter.

There is a Cause and the role you play
Is a work strong and meaningful.

You are all there is and no understanding
Will do to diminish you.

So play your role and to the Author's pen be true;
For now I will watch you in my dreams
By night and by day.
And in a short, short time,
Together, we will finish out the play.

Your Dad

by lloyd
posted on 02/13/2010

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