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I'm So Over It

Why can't I get over you, whats wrong with me?
I used to feel joy, now I can't even feel glee...
All I ever wanted to do was to look into your eyes,
How could I be so stupid to fall for your awful lies.
I should have said no, I should have tried,
Because now I'm filled with regrets & the constant sigh.
You had no idea that I slowly fell in love with you.
Happy thoughts, and your name all over my notebook too.
I cried for hours, even days on end
I now realize, you never wanted to be my friend.
If love was a distance, for you, I'd walk a mile.
Now everytime you walk in, I'm forced to fake a smile.
Everyone can see that I'm dealing with overbearing pain.
But to selfish you, I remain just the same.
I must have been stupid to think we could be,
I must have been stupid to think you would ever want me.
I'm thinking of that day,
that sad day...
The day you left me and went away.
I know I'm holding onto a dream that won't come true.
Not even a "Good Morning or "Goodbye" too.
My heart never could so easily shatter.
Now I hardly think my own life matters.
Sadness claws at me, Darkness calls out my name.
Why can't you see that I'm hurting and stop this game.
My body is a cold lifelss shell.
This is my dying in your eyes, can't you tell?
However,strangely since you don't care, there's light in my eyes.
I'm not sad anymore...I don't even cry.
I will not lose my focus, my sight.
I have realized I don't need you to make me bright.
I've been facing this pain with all my might.
I'm slowly noticing that I can win this fight.
Thanks to my friends, I know I don't need you in my life.
And that your not worth cutting over with any knife.
You were never mine, dosen't matter, you weren't the one.
It's taken weeks to get over you, I'm finally done.
I will find someone one day and that wont be you.
No not you, the one that makes me feel blue.
I can finally say " I don't need you, you make me feel bad
My emotions are in control,I'm back to feeling glad.
My life is better, I'm up from my down,
Without you to turn my smile to a frown.
I will never cry after you again,your not worth the time.
I refuse to be broken, I won't commit that crime.
I am stronger than that, so much more.
You honestly think I care if you leave through the door?
Go ahead, see if I care, you can try.
I will not care, and I sure as heck won't cry.
I am an amazing person, I don't need you to tell me this
I don't want anything from you, not even a kiss.
Please don't call & dont come by.
It won't do you no good, don't ask me why.
I feel like cutting my lips off, oh is that too rude?
If you asked me out again, I would say" Nah not in the mood
I wasted so much time on you, All those sighs.
Now as I look back, I say " Wow I must have been high."
I won't ever forgive you for all this pain.
But they'll be no more crying in the rain.
My heart is better , it no longer needs to mend.
You were not my beginning and you won't be my end.
I will admit this all hurt at first, just a bit.
But now I'm so over you, I'm so over it.

by PrayForMe
posted on 01/11/2008

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Comments: 11

Comment by chelseaatpeace: Jan 13, 2009 8:38 pm
this was realy good i understand where your comming from too!great great job!
Comment by heartonfeb12: Mar 9, 2008 2:18 pm
my favorite poem!
Comment by fallenangelx14: Jan 27, 2008 12:00 pm
amazing! I can completely relate. I was in the same spot as poison. But the boyfriend ****ed with my head again, and again, and again, and now I know I'm over him. well for the most part. It might take a little longer but for the most part he's gone. this poem means a lot to me. great job
Comment by LostNightmares: Jan 23, 2008 12:15 pm
Great poem
Comment by truckergirl14: Jan 14, 2008 11:02 am
i love your poems they are so cool
Comment by moonlight: Jan 12, 2008 10:08 pm
Awsome poem!
Comment by ilovestars619: Jan 12, 2008 6:30 pm
love this poem... i am going through all that right now... and thanks to u ... u helped meeh relize that i dont need the dude i am with to smile... all i need is meeh and my friends and family Smiley... keep the good work up
Comment by GiveMeU: Jan 12, 2008 4:36 pm
This is an amazing poem! I love it! Open smile
Comment by aqua4ever: Jan 12, 2008 1:46 pm
Wow.. This poem is like one of the best i ever read i litteratly wanted to cry while reading it, i went from sad to happy and it kinnda made me laugh. But this is like wow. You are an amazing person. You are really strong and it is his fault to loose you! You are worth so much more!!! VOTEING UP! Wow this was amazing. wow is all i can say.
Comment by Poison: Jan 11, 2008 9:49 am
Well my dear….I know how that is and when everyone and even I thought I was over my ex..and I got with someone else MONTHS later..and then we broke up and I wasn’t as crushed and I thought I loved this person but I didn’t. And then my ex came back and said he was sorry for ****ing with my head and that he realized he actually does love me and wants me to be with him again and try to show everyone we can make it…and to stop being so independent and trust and depend on him…and I figured out that my feelings for this other guy was all just trying to replace my ex….and now im back with him and im scared to love him again..and idk what to do myself…but great poem…I like it..it means a lot to me.

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