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Victorious Woman

A soul blackened,
Is what I had,
A shell of a person,
Whom you shaped to your specifications.

You took a spirited young filly,
And whipped her,
And whipped her,
Until she lay down at your feet,
And then you kicked her,
And walked away.

I was energetic and full of life,
Before you.
I was beautiful and talented,
Before you.
I was happy-go-lucky and carefree,
Before you.
I loved life and everything in it,
Before you.

You took it all from me,
And beat me with your,
Words and actions,
When I was already down.

And now.... when I have finally had it,
And I can say enough!... No more!

I got the strength to leave,
And put you far behind me,
Im rebuilding myself now,
And Victorious I will be.

by Sapphy
posted on 09/02/2009

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Comment by Nick1959: Sep 4, 2009 5:29 pm
Sadly there are way to many men like that in the world.I am glad you made it out you are a strong woman. may you be blessed with great happiness

Comment by malcolmg: Sep 2, 2009 7:19 pm
wow that is powerful. iam sorry any person could do that to you and i hope you r victorious.

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