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Happy One Month Anniversary

All day my thoughts play up tales of you and me and all continuing to night.
I use to wonder why anyone believes in love when it never turns out right!
But when I met you, I grew wings of faith and belief.
I daydream and play up imaginative films of the heart stealing thief!

I stay awake thinking of just you.
What to say, what to do?
Your laughter the sweetest sound.
Your smile keeps going around!

I want to hear everything you have to say!
I want to chase your dreams with you each day!
I want to have your arms around me without me asking!
I want you to know you�re my wishes on stars, birthday candles, and Christmas miracles!

Call me wild but your voice drives me crazy.
Every time we hug I want to stay there forever being lazy!
There are days I�m dead set that you�re an angel truly.
The warmth of your heart is deeply!
When I cry from the pain you become my blessed cain.
And to be away from you drives me up the gates of insane!

Making you laugh is when I really feel like we�re in love.
You�re my beloved gift from heaven above!
I never thought the love bug could bite this hard.
When I�m with you I want to break my walls and limit my guard!

When my hand�s in yours the world feels right.
And I can�t imagine a better life!
I�m not used to feeling this happy and anxious.
Like huge hands might decide you�re too good and swap you up all away!

The only thing that heals all wounds is your smile.
Seeing your smile is happiness for way over a mile!
When you call me I feel like I�m not a square.
When we say I love you I feel unbelievable care!

If only you could see all my thoughts.
You could see my fears and why I always fought!
Why I run from someone I�ve been looking for more than the cleanest air.
Scared to speak when there�s so much out there!

Three walls surrounded me since a heartbreak changed and my world
Wait to speak the words I love you, they will change your life
No matter how happy you think you are or how much you think you�re in love, don�t think marriage is a given, it will melt a hole in your heart
Don�t kiss until you�re beyond ready, it will control your life
Three walls surrounded me since a heart�s letdown came too close to taking my life

When you stand up for me I feel unconditional love.
Like we could touch the spot where all love is made of!
Being beside you is like a soaring dove.
The spot I want to be at, the most comfortable glove!

I�ve never felt this way.
An unexplored bay!
Like I�ve never been this daring.
Even though being tongue tied is a bearing!

Thanks for all the ways you make me smile!!
Thanks for the memories, there�s a pile!!
You�re stuck to my heart like glue!!
I love you!!!

by chasedbythetruth
posted on 04/15/2012

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Comment by PoeticPrincess: Apr 14, 2012 8:53 pm
This is the sweetest thing ever! The poem is written very well and and I could feel the emotion pouring out of it as I read along. Awesome job.

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