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These are the current most popular dark poems on PoemOfQuotes. Be sure to vote for the best!

A Frost for Roses by deadiam
When She Fell by deadiam
One of mourning, love etc...enjoy
Stained fingers and bloodied fists by deadiam
An dark relationship...enjoy the read
Damning the Soul by deadiam
been ahwile
Remembering Ramli by FavoriteTheMute
Thank you for reading.
Single life by Atavist
Hard to find meaningful when people see only as far as your skin.
A Medicated Moon by SilentWords
ok, so this is my first time posing in years...to say that i am rusty would be a ravenous understatment... this is about an addiction i guess, more or less
The Murder of Aria by deadiam
...let me know what you think...enjoy
Broken Property by prettyspl
When love is a sickness
Now they cry by Darkdaydreamer
I think I'm kinda just depressed right now, so read comment and vote pleae cause I need some feed back
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