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Popular Sad Poetry From Members

These are poems about depression and other sad happenings throughout our daily lives. This is a list of the most recent poems written by members.

The Final Text Message. by Heartless1903
She never did answer.
One More Miracle by solonely
My grandmother has been diagnosed with brain cancer. She's fought breast cancer at stage 4 and beaten it, liver cancer at stage 2 and beaten it, so what's one more. I'll take any comments as prayers, even if you don't believe, wha
The Things That We Regret by ravenofsorrow
Regret.. its tough to live with.. idk wat to do now..
A Bitter-Sweet Moment by Heartless1903
Her brilliant haze.
Now by fullmoon65
Trying to be strong only gets you so far
Lingering Winter by PoeticPrincess
Hey guys! I know it's been a while but exams are almost over so here's a new poem, feedback welcomed! :D
Vacancy. by lexiedanielle
Quickly written and honestly put
Please Don't Go. by Heartless1903
Please don't leave me alone.
Slapped by lexiedanielle
My feelings.
Come. Be. by Atavist
When did our dreams stop being as 'anything possible' to something realistic enough to be easy enough to attain?
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