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Popular Sad Poetry From Members

These are poems about depression and other sad happenings throughout our daily lives. This is a list of the most recent poems written by members.

Skeletal Inconsistencies by PoeticPrincess
Sorry again for taking so long to post, major exams very soon! I appreciate feedback, thanks :)
Cigarette Smoke by UmbraFoxx
inspired by a friend's past and future
Honor The Fallen by LoveMaster
this is for the fallen soldiers who lost their lives
Dreamed Of Being Free by LoveMaster
Freedom Isn't Free
An Ocean Between by PoeticPrincess
A dear friend of mine is suffering from drug addiction and I needed to let out some feeling about it
The Salt Cycle by IsabelleLockhart
This is a bit different from my typical work. I think the meaning is a bit more hidden behind symbolism than normal. I would be interested in seeing what kind of interpretations this gets! Thanks for sharing!
Don't belong by azaLea
Have yet to perfect it
World War III never ended by Glassless
Justice died a long time ago, The Last Listener
Kid who Never Had a family or friends to love him for who he was by LoveMaster
this was written by me for a kid that comitted suicide because he never felt like he belong. this is how his life was. :(
My Life Has Brought Me Down by LoveMaster
depression leads to sorrow and suicide
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