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Popular Sad Poetry From Members

These are poems about depression and other sad happenings throughout our daily lives. This is a list of the most recent poems written by members.

June Once Again by SecretsLie
about my best friend
I Watch Her Die by RainWillow21
In treatment I have gotten close to a girl. I watch her die. She is 95 lbs and starving to die - to cope. This is about and to her
translucent frequency by RainWillow21
My therapist asked me to find my happy place after my last suicide attempt. This is what I came up with
Nameless Little Girl by RainWillow21
...It was hard to write this, share this.
Broken Heart by MONEYAL13
A friend I fell in love with
Tearful Reunion. by Heartless1903
A sick young girl with RSV takes a turn for the worse when her asthma acts out at the wrong time.
Longing For The Light by Psychobabbled
I had so longed for this light
Sweet by lifelovepain
How sweet the pain can be
Bitter Surprise by Insidetheruinsofaheart
This poem speaks for itself
Train Stations. by Heartless1903
"So, are you just passing through, or do you want to stay?"
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