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These are poems about depression and other sad happenings throughout our daily lives. This is a list of the most recent poems written by members.

Let us not Forget by Psychobabbled
Merry Christmas
Feathers by Nikisweet
I've recently decided to try writing poetry again. This is pretty much how I've been feeling for a while.
Peter Pan by underneathitall
Peter Pan
vulnerable by underneathitall
don't leave yourself vulnerable
Lavendar by underneathitall
considering all things.
End Scene by underneathitall
this was on my mind
Feeling by underneathitall
just how ive felt these past days
My Mirror Self by GoddessOfWar
When you see yourself honestly
Tired by LucidMuse
Worn out
Vacancy: Room 201 by champ
A musing of experiences from the past 3 years
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