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I am but only me

I am, but only me.
A whisper upon wind.
A name easily forgotten.
Pretty but not gorgeous.
Smart but not the smartest.
A open book for all to read.
But never the best selling novel.
Id shed tears.
But the river is over flowed.
By more lonesome souls.
I am but only me.
Soft spoken into crowds.
Never the one to be loud.
Forgiving in nature.
Willing to stand alone.
Fighting the dark.
Striving for light.
Trying to catch my breath.
Just to live another day.

by Jenna21Bunnies
posted on 05/11/2011

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Comment by Punk0Desiree: May 11, 2011 5:39 pm
5 stars. Really good. I love how is compairing but yet not comparing. i love the last four lines. they really draw the reader in.

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