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Your Leaving

Your Leaving
We walked and we smiled
Just chatting things through
You must have known back then
When you describd what we ment to you

When you stood there still smiling
Your eyes seemed so sad
Then said you were leaving
I thought you'd gone mad

But if it makes you happy
I shall not complain
But i'm having trouble hiding
The tears and the pain

You've been more than wonderful
At times you've held my hand
When I could see no way forward
You helped me to stand

I just can't imagine
How things will be when your gone
Being so upset
Is it really that wrong?

Whoever they choose
To take your place
Won't fill your shoes
I won't forget your face

These last few years
You've been like a friend
And now that your leaving
It must come to an end

See past my tears
And please say you see
All the love and affection
For you from within me

And iíve tried so hard
To fight through the cloud
I just hoped Iíve achieved it and
Made you feel proud

So this it it
What should I say?
I shall never forget you
And I know we'll meet again some very fine day

This poem is for/about my
head of year who is utterly
amazing but is retiring by the
summer holidays. When I found
out I cried so much, silly isn't it?
Anyway this is just a way of
expressing my feelings. Considering
giving her the poem but i'm not
sure yet.
Thank x

by belleamour
posted on 06/04/2007

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Comment by Novembre: Jun 4, 2007 1:02 pm
i know how u feel, i felt the same way when my best teacher died on her wedding day...it was a painful experience..nice poem
Comment by kayla: Jun 4, 2007 12:57 pm
Great you like your teacher so much, what a lovely poemSmiley
Comment by nickson104: Jun 4, 2007 12:41 pm
you have the right to feel this way more than others, i dont think many are glad that shes leaving other than chavs but many are indifferent, i dont know where i am like, awesome poem love it

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