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Untitled. by HallowReveries - (Other poetry)
It's been some time since I've last posted here. Seems that's true for quite a few of us who used to post fairly often. Anyway, I hope you are all doing well in these wonky times.
Things That I Remember by youdontknow23 - (Broken heart poetry)
I left and we moved on. That doesn't mean it goes away. Sometimes I can't help but think of you and miss you. I hope you think of me too.
Regret by aqua4ever - (Broken heart poetry)
Unedited quick thoughts
It’s so beautiful outside by aqua4ever - (Sad poetry)
Life is hard, it’s not easy.
Time Heals Some Wounds by aqua4ever - (Broken heart poetry)
It’s been over 5 years, people say time heals all wounds, but mine is still burning misery inside me everyday.
Young & Dumb by aqua4ever - (Broken heart poetry)
You never know how much you can ruin your life when you’re young and dumb. We never understand the consequences of our actions until its too late.
Thoughts at 2 am by aqua4ever - (Broken heart poetry)
We can’t change the past but we have to live with it. Sometimes it’s torture.
Ecstasy by EMSO - (Other poetry)
I’ve always mixed metaphors, overloaded cliches, and liked religious imagery no one understands
Kreepy Xirtz by urabaka - (Dark poetry)
you're scaring me!

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