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Gravity Of The Moon and Myst by Nick1959 - (Sad poetry)
Life weights heavy upon my soul as I have boost too many too soon
Waking Trap by FallenAngel666 - (Dark poetry)
how i feel on going trapped .
The love I want is greedy by Crowillow - (Dark poetry)
A poem about depression, suicide, and the aftermath of leaving their lover behind
Rewind & Done by prettyspl - (Broken heart poetry)
The rabbit hole just got deeper...
Obsession by prettyspl - (Broken heart poetry)
A poem about possible love that could break you
Untitled. by HallowReveries - (Other poetry)
It's been some time since I've last posted here. Seems that's true for quite a few of us who used to post fairly often. Anyway, I hope you are all doing well in these wonky times.
Things That I Remember by youdontknow23 - (Broken heart poetry)
I left and we moved on. That doesn't mean it goes away. Sometimes I can't help but think of you and miss you. I hope you think of me too.

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