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don't worry about me by smokesignals - (Dark poetry)
feels good to write poetry
Porcelain by DarkEcho - (Inspirational poetry)
Sudden flashes of inspiration based on photos are great
Shell by DarkEcho - (Other poetry)
To whom I am concerned, who has grown old in far too short a time
Marcosias Greenstar by Holychild - (Other poetry)
A story for the future. A Cosmic Lemon is a green lemon that is found on every planet, each looks and taste different on the inside. When a Angel eats one they can pass as a mortal being, even die and return to heaven without
The Goddess of Death by Holychild - (Love poetry)
For the future of the universe, Death will be mine.
Blame Me by solonely - (Broken heart poetry)
I've just been getting hit hard by life and I keep trying to be positive. I keep trying to make good days. I keep trying and I keep failing. I hate depression. I hate that my husband is stressed and I just really needed to put my thoughts on pap
Moon by Nick1959 - (Love poetry)
For my love, my moon
Contact Information by solonely - (Friendship poetry)
Can't update my profile. Any old friends can contact me through the links.
Grow Up and Get Away From Me by solonely - (Other poetry)
Repost of something I accidentally deleted

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