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Here you can look through all the poetry from within the community. Enjoy!
'20/'21 by HallowReveries - (Other poetry)
Most of the stuff I've written in the last year - for better and for worse.
Acceptance by Nick1959 - (Broken heart poetry)
The woman who gave birth to me is dying and I'm not sure how I feel
Solidarity's Beckoning by ITSaCRISIS - (Sad poetry)
I spent a night alone in the house while my girls took a weekend vacation. It was eerie,lonely and cold. And being on my own meant I fell into my own memories and thoughts.
Death of a Heart by prettyspl - (Dark poetry)
Dead and alive but not a Zombie :)
Close Enough by nocturnus - (Other poetry)
Found some papers left to rot in the basement, and among the rotten I found this piece.
Love Explained by Nick1959 - (Love poetry)
love can only be experienced, never explained

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