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The Lepardess - 09/17/2009 - Cant seem to take a hint. hopefully i dont mess up first one in quite awhile wonder if i'm rusty
fool me once, shame on u, fool me twice shame on me - 04/01/2009 - some things never change
Lie Down. Obey - 03/15/2009 - no. no. no. not anymore
Darkness - 03/15/2009 - hmmm,, i just got my new tat. its kenji for darkness and i thought i'd write a bit seeing as its almost been a year since ive written a poem. its prob gonna suck
Silent cry - 09/23/2008 - ...
In a world of hurt - 06/10/2008 - :$
Long lost but found - 06/09/2008 - Man... i can't stop myself :_(
Knock Knock (More and More girls) keep em coming - 06/06/2008 - ... earlier poem just adding on to it... plz comment
All time low *Hurt and spurned* - 06/06/2008 - Grr... the whole world... idk
Flames so so bright - 06/06/2008 - Its mezmorizing.. so beautiful... please just ease the pain.. old habits die hard they say and here i live as that living proof