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BloodLustingElf's Poetry

Trapped - 09/16/2008 - This poem is actually made of magzine clippings and framed, it hangs on my wall, and a copy of it hangs my high schools creative writing class.
Cutter's United - 09/13/2008 - A poem I came up with after reading Deep Red by fade, hope you enjoy.
SANITY - 09/10/2008 - A poem about my losing my sanity, and what I feel like doing.
The one - 09/10/2008 - my first Love poem I hope you like cuz I am not very good at the love poem stuff
Scars - 09/10/2008 - A recent poem I wrote after I had a fight with my Step - father
Creature of the Night - 08/05/2008 - A dark Vampire poem for all you Vamps out there.
Sweet Childhood Pastimes - 05/24/2008 - A poem I came up with one night swing on the swing in my apartment complex
My Darkest Moments - 04/04/2008 - Written when in a very depresive mood
Lost to Me - 04/04/2008 - Lost, forever lost
Crying out with my Song - 04/03/2008 - just a random poem that came to mind one day when singing to the radio.