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BloodLustingElf's Poetry

Wild and free - 04/02/2008 - this is an older poem of mine, that i found and decided to share.
Darkness - 04/01/2008 - A poem about the wonderful element ok darkness as it consumes a young soul
Just an empty shell - 04/01/2008 - For those of you who feel empty inside, as though you lost you soul.
My Ls - 03/31/2008 - Sisterly love...Read and comment
One Drunken Night - 03/31/2008 - Written after a party in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of friends.
Nikki - 01/28/2008 - a poem that a dear friend wrote for me
The Dream - 01/17/2008 - this really was a dream I had about a dear friend, after I found out he tried to kill himself.
Battling each other - 01/17/2008 - fighting with my brother and sister, no good ever came of it.
Namarie (farewell) - 01/17/2008 - a short and sweet poem, read and comment please
Your Cost. - 01/17/2008 - Just a random poem, after another stressful day.