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BloodLustingElf's Poetry

Father - 01/17/2008 - a poem about my Father, what else is there to say
Darkest thoughts, Brighest hope - 01/13/2008 - A poem I wrote concerning a very good friend of mine, that has helped me throughout most of my life.
Why Me? - 01/13/2008 - For my father, from many years ago, when all the trouble really began
My Blade - 01/13/2008 - Ah, sweet friend, it is your time to shine
Isn't this nice? - 01/13/2008 - To my dearest father, who never understood me
Pretend - 01/13/2008 - A poem about cutting, for those interested
My Fantasies - 01/13/2008 - one of my very first poems, i hope you like