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CassidyEarly's Poetry

salvation - 03/10/2008 - A poem I wrote for the teen involvement competition in Chicopee [sp?].. well anyway. won 1st place, but do YOU like it?
if i were a knife... - 11/06/2007 - warning:yes, this is about suicide.
Candles - 11/04/2007 - hehe....... it's a dark poem... PUN!!!haha..maybe i should stick to writing?
Going - 11/04/2007 - sometimes,when youre sad, it seems like you're going, but you really don't know where,
My Fate - 11/04/2007 - back to my sad poems, lol. but i really like thisd one, so R+R...
Pen and Paper - 11/01/2007 - well. i like to write in red pen. and my special [yes, it is special] red pen inspired me to write a poem. :]
There you go again - 10/30/2007 - about my mom... r&+r
Hold On - 10/28/2007 - its about how sometimes stuff is so visible, and even your closest friends wont notice.. i suck at this, but read&comment..
My Voice - 10/06/2007 - i wonder....
Shield - 10/06/2007 - hmmm...