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EvalyRose's Poetry

life - 11/15/2008 - this is a sad and love poem not about death at all trust me
Good bye my love - 10/21/2008 - it about my bf tony who is going to leave for basics in the army on the 30th of oct
Long to see - 09/27/2008 - this is about my bf tony
Could this be - 09/01/2008 - this is how i feel alot and near the end is how we all should feel
Questions on my mind - 08/27/2008 - this is how i been feeling for the past 2 week it feel like all the guy that say they like me and want to be with me seem to being not talking to me
Dont go - 08/15/2008 - about soon to be hausband
Breathless - 08/04/2008 - my ex jsut broke up with me for the 3rd time and this is how i felt when he did it for the 3rd time
Almost Died ( A true story) - 07/20/2008 - This poem was writing when i was 7 years old when my yongest brother was born he was bleeding intrnaly and had a hole in stomich and a swish liver. he was dead for liek 2 mins we all thought he would of died but he did not we call him our merical chi
I wish........ - 07/20/2008 - this is what thing were going on in my mind during middle school and high school.
My hero - 07/20/2008 - I wrote this at church druing the sevice