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We're Not Friends - 09/23/2009 - I'm not a man of god but that doesn't mean I don't believe or have faith
Stupidity is Your Best Friend - 06/30/2009 - Who can pay attention with the TV on?
Whats a Few Misunderstandings Between Us - 06/04/2009 - there is a meaning in there somewhere, can you tell what it is
Tell Me I'm Ok - 05/29/2009 - Sometime the sound of our own voices isn't enough to comfort our sanity, that's when people we care about remove our doubts
Who Am I? - 04/15/2009 - I'm tired of explaining what I am
Don't Let Light Pass You By - 04/08/2009 - The world is too focused on the wrong things
Time Is A Given - 04/02/2009 - my reflection on life
I Feel So Sick - 01/15/2009 - Complete and utter devotion to someone who won't love me back
The Pain Is Gone - 01/02/2009 - The new years day brings back painful memories
Helpless - 01/01/2009 - I've often wondered who I'm looking at