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For My Friend (Extended) - 04/12/2007 - A while ago, I wrote a poem for one of my best friends, but it was too short. So, I've worked a li'l harder on it and I've got this....
Exotic You - 04/11/2007 - This is basically just an ordinary love poem, but I like it, I reckon it's very sweet.
Eyes Have Opened - 04/11/2007 - Thanks to some peoples' support, I've now realised that they don't matter and I shouldn't spend my life caring about them. In time, I will be reunited and all will be well again, I just have to wait.
Help Me - 04/10/2007 - I've been feeling down (DEPRESSED!!!) lately and I needed to vent. Before you ask, the story is 100% true and it's about me. It's about my recent suspension for something I didn't do and now being isolated from my friends, and how
For My Friend - 04/10/2007 - Just felt like writing a poem about one of my best friends
Literally - 04/06/2007 - I'd rather you read this than me tell you what it's about. It's not long so it won't keep you in suspense for long, LOL!!
You Didn't Care - 04/06/2007 - This is about a little boy who has no-one and is left helpless.
Your Home - 04/06/2007 - This poem is just random thoughts and questions going through someone's head while being used and mistreated. The person says they'll end up imploding and the other person won't be spared.