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It Hurts So Much (Song) - 06/15/2008 - A song that I think will really suit our vocalist's voice.
Seven Stages of Happiness (Song) - 06/14/2008 - The last version of "My Sweet Angel" and "My Rainbow". I'm pretty happy with these lyrics. Tell me what you think.
¿Questions? - 06/13/2008 - Just read it... please.
I Wonder - 06/12/2008 - Again, another poem that has nothing to do with me. Yay!
Better Off Alone (Song) - 06/12/2008 - A song that, for once, has nothing to do with me.
Monolithic Solitude (Song) - 06/01/2008 - More of my horrid lyrics.
Systematic Denial (Song) - 05/31/2008 - It's been described as sick. I'm sick of people asking me about it. Thus, this song is called "Sick" as it is about it.
Abstract Disposition (Song) - 05/31/2008 - Yeah, it's a song.
A Pit Conceived In Time (Song) - 05/28/2008 - A mathcore song with no chorus.
Incoherent Desperation (Song) - 05/27/2008 - AARRGH!!