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Surrounded by people, but always alone - 06/28/2013 - Just how i feel
I'm sorry but it's time to move on - 02/19/2011 - Venting basically
What i cant seem to tell you - 12/17/2010 - Short poem written for a friend who was having a hard time expressing his emotions to someone he loved.
Confusing girls - 05/04/2010 - Voicing my thoughts
Ending relationships - 05/04/2010 - Confusign times
Making it better - 05/04/2010 - Short kinda off but its a rough draft essentially
Love you - 05/04/2010 - Free verse to a beat in my head check the link. kinda stuttered thought
No clue. 3 different poems bout stuff that is going through my life. - 03/29/2009 - probably not that good. didn't quite think. just wrote shit...
Crying... - 09/04/2008 - a college assignment. just wanted feed back it's an acrostic of my full name Chad Takayuki Rita
Don't know - 08/23/2008 - never really wrote anything before. I just needed to write something to get it out into the open... and it's not really a poem.