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Chills - 03/03/2016 - I guess Im a b*tch, I don't mean to be...but believe what you wish.
Leaky Faucets - 01/18/2016 - I can torerate always be wrong, no skin off my back. But tell me something I don't know...
Cliche - 01/15/2016 - The moon is a constant and annoying presence in my writing, it romances me. Or maybe I am just another cliché, it's all subjective...
A Medicated Moon - 01/07/2016 - ok, so this is my first time posing in years...to say that i am rusty would be a ravenous understatment... this is about an addiction i guess, more or less
Spliting hairs with a dollar bill - 07/07/2013 - the root of all evil, or the seeds to happiness?
Filling your shoes - 08/30/2012 - I am about to become a mom, and I wonder if I will be a great one like my mother was...
Understanding - 08/14/2012 - understanding that anger can be rooted from fear, and we all carry fear even if we don't want to show it.
I am your vessel, You are my harbor - 07/17/2012 - This is not very good by all means. But it was fun to write. I wrote this to the little tiny baby boy that grows inside of me. Thank you little one.
Just Listen - 06/22/2012 - This is the first poem I have written in a long time. So I am very rusty at this.
Timing is everything - 12/24/2011 - The terrible things time can do. I would like to thank Atavist for his help, and he did pick the title.