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Nobody Will Save You - 09/02/2017 - late night write
"Write About Me, I'm Dying of Boredom" - 12/27/2016 - (at least you're still alive in my words)
Unrequited - 11/19/2016 - stuck in a relationship because you're too afraid to be alone
The Funeral of Marriage - 11/19/2016 - Written in the point of view of someone against marriage
Walking Paradox - 11/19/2016 - Going through an identification crisis and this came out
Your Affair with Solitude - 06/29/2016 - Short write on the perspective of the heart breaker.
The Struggle of Cognitive Dissonance - 05/20/2016 - Defined as the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes. Basically, what happens when a girl begins to fall in (love) and considers what to do about it.
Purchasing Happiness - 05/05/2016 - Inspired by an article I read titled "5 ways money can buy happiness, backed by science." Prose.
Wooden Frames and Half Closed Eyes - 05/05/2016 - Where did you come from?
A Proposal - 10/22/2015 - Free write