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Behind Closed Eyes - 07/17/2013 - Sometimes I wish I was anywhere but here and sometimes I feel like I'm already anywhere but here
Anchor - 07/08/2013 - This is what led to me write my other poem, Permanent Sadness. The begnning, the inspiration, if you will.
Whispers - 07/05/2013 - when you read something someone wrote to you and you hear their voice, this is that
Permanent Sadness - 06/20/2013 - I just noticed how sadness isn't a thing that passes by, it's always there
Of What Was - 10/26/2009 - you should read "Such Happiness" first to really get this.. this is all the hate i'm feeling on behalf of my best friend..
Unreal - 10/24/2009 - this is for my mum.. i have done you wrong and i apologize.. please forgive me, i can't live like this anymore.. :(
I Need You - 10/23/2009 - i lost someone dear to me a while back.. but only now i feel this overwhelming grief.. this is dedicated to her..
Mr. Study - 10/22/2009 - just something to remind myself to study.. but i'm not sure if it's completely inspirational.. :)
Love Lost - 10/12/2009 - it started out as just a thought.. then it became more.. hope its good..:)
Crazy - 05/13/2008 - ever hear a voice telling you wat to do?? i do.. sometimes i think i'm crazy, but i realise that crzy might be just wat i need..