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A Poem of Dr. Buckles and Cornball AKA Adam and Joe - 06/25/2009 - A poem I wrote about Adam and Joe radio show on BBC 6Music, it is my favorite radio show and you might need to be a listener to get this
Prototype - 06/25/2009 - A poem about the game... because I was bored.
The Ashes of the Essence - 06/03/2009 - This is a poem about my favorite radio show that sadly was over yesterday. It was about roleplaying and it was incredibly funny and inspiriational.
Oh how I love you - 05/13/2009 - You will see...
Help - 04/20/2009 - Just another poem showing how I am feeling.
Terrified of what is not true - 03/26/2009 - I felt I had to write this because I am always paranoid about stuff that probably isn't true and sometimes CAN'T be true. This was not a joke.
Screams in the Dark - 03/23/2009 - I just wanted to write something that I could just release alot of stuff on. Feels much better after writing it. Please tell me if you think its good. If you think its bad please tell me how I can improve.
Lock me away, throw away the key. - 03/21/2009 - Just another poem I came to from letting my mind wonder.
Scared and Confused - 03/20/2009 - I amn't feeling right in the head latley and I havn't been able to tell anyone about it.
Life. - 02/17/2009 - If you dont get it: It starts out at childhood, then teenage years, then adulthood, then old. Tell me what you think, good and bad reviews wanted.