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nothing - 11/27/2007 - nothing
all around me - 11/27/2007 - yes this is a song from flyleaf.
i love her....but does she love me? - 11/27/2007 - (poem type for this poem is really, love? or not?) i went out with this beautiful girl for three months and then she broke up with me the day after she said she loved me, so untill now i was broken but then she says she misses me and loves me and car
why? - 09/18/2007 - why do people do what they do?
my heart is broken - 09/18/2007 - this is about when my girlfriend broke up with me and i lost all my friends because of it, the day before she broke up with me, she acted like she loved me more than anything...well here i go....(for stevi
ode to stevi - 05/02/2007 - love
stevi - 05/01/2007 - would u lie here with me?
hate - 04/30/2007 - why do they act like this
nothing left - 04/30/2007 - ...