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Games - 01/30/2011 - Its like... this.
Questions Left Unanswered - 01/22/2011 - This is just.. everything I've wondered
The Bittersweet Ending I Want - 01/01/2011 - Uhh this is how i feel toward a cousin of mines, don't comment badly, I'll get angry:O
Hoping, Wishing, Begging - 12/11/2010 - yeah its just things left unsaid and how i feel about it
Minute of Your Life - 10/09/2010 - I had another panic attack last nigh thinking about him touching me. I got scared and needed to tell someone.
Being with a monster teaches you something - 05/25/2010 - ummm...YEAHH...yeah
Daddy - 03/23/2010 - haha i will really say that if it happens again i swear to god, buddah, whatever
My Wish - 03/22/2010 - hahaha i am not sure what became of this
Blood is not thicker than water - 02/24/2010 - Yeah it's been a long time since it happened but i want to just say it , I was raped by my cousin when i was 8 and i pray that one day i won't feel this way anymore
Untitled - 02/06/2010 - love