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If You Only Knew That... - 08/25/2012 - Figured I'd try an acrostic poem this time. Not my normal writing, not my best. Please read and comment anyway.
Lost Thoughts - 08/20/2012 - Wrote this over a year ago, never posted it, nor has my now ex-boyfriend read it... I miss him every day. Comments appreciated.
Her Screams - 08/20/2012 - It took living it to make me understand why abortions should be illegal....Comments welcome and much appreciated.
Conquering Chaos - 06/15/2011 - I don't know how much longer I can deal with this... I've gone 7 months without cutting... but it's just getting too hard.... feedback please :-(
The Symphony of a Broken Heart - 06/15/2011 - Found this one on my computer and realized I'd never uploaded it. Wrote it several months ago after breaking up with my boyfriend...
Saying Goodbye - 06/08/2011 - Haven't written in a long time. I've been through a lot since my last submission to this site, and this is the conclusion I came to. Enjoy. Comments welcome.
I Never Believed - 10/20/2010 - Wrote this the day I decided to put down the blade for good. it's going on 3 months and I'm still going strong! Comments appreciated!
The Day You Left - 04/12/2010 - Jay.... I love you and would do anything for another chance... Comments welcome and appreciated...
Enemies in War - 04/09/2010 - finally come to a realization....But it may be too late to change things now... :(
All the Things - 04/02/2010 - Some things just should never happen....