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Although broken hearts are painful, they inspire many of us to write our best poetry, some morbid, some blissful. A broken heart poem may be just what we need to help us get over our rough period in time.

Acceptance by Nick1959
The woman who gave birth to me is dying and I'm not sure how I feel
Headphones by ITSaCRISIS
The kind of Rollercoaster thoughts I have when I have my headset on to vibe through the feelings when they find me again.
Rewind & Done by prettyspl
The rabbit hole just got deeper...
Obsession by prettyspl
A poem about possible love that could break you
Things That I Remember by youdontknow23
I left and we moved on. That doesn't mean it goes away. Sometimes I can't help but think of you and miss you. I hope you think of me too.
Regret by aqua4ever
Unedited quick thoughts
Time Heals Some Wounds by aqua4ever
It’s been over 5 years, people say time heals all wounds, but mine is still burning misery inside me everyday.
Young & Dumb by aqua4ever
You never know how much you can ruin your life when you’re young and dumb. We never understand the consequences of our actions until its too late.
Thoughts at 2 am by aqua4ever
We can’t change the past but we have to live with it. Sometimes it’s torture.
Moonless Sky by Nick1959
I love her but she is running
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