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Although broken hearts are painful, they inspire many of us to write our best poetry, some morbid, some blissful. A broken heart poem may be just what we need to help us get over our rough period in time.

ITSaCRISIS contact info by ITSaCRISIS
Can't update profile after I saw how outdated it was, and how full my small mailbox is, so here's some of my info.
I Return to You by DarkEcho
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Blame Me by solonely
I've just been getting hit hard by life and I keep trying to be positive. I keep trying to make good days. I keep trying and I keep failing. I hate depression. I hate that my husband is stressed and I just really needed to put my thoughts on pap
Angels and Deamons by WordsOfEscape
just the feeling of a memory of someone who used to be special
Wasted by arcaneclark
sometimes the best thing to do is let things go before everything is wasted
Elliot by taybabe1300
I’m tired of swimming oceans for people who only want to get their feet wet
Mirages by ITSaCRISIS
I've been alive this long because I keep telling myself to wait and see if it gets better, but it's hard when you also just want to love but others have different plans or just see things that aren't there...
Trading Hearts by coldfire146
I love him. That's all I can really say, and I pray for his love in return in every way. 🙏❣️
Flawed by Nick1959
I can never understand how a woman can choose a lie when her daughters heart is at stake
Untitled by taybabe1300
I loved you and myself less
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