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Recent Broken Heart Poetry From Members

Treasures Broken by Atysix
I didn't know you were so unhappy. I hope one day you smile again. I wish it were for me.
This Time by dstalk
Choosing to look to the future using this time for it
Skipping Rocks in The Silent Dark by Nick1959
So life moves on....
I Wait ... by prettyspl
Undying love surpasses everything
Light vs darkness by dstalk
My person will never read it.
"It just won't work between us." by Heartless1903
Loving the girl who is your bestfriend is dangerous, for everyone involved.
Unrequited by blackfallenrose07
stuck in a relationship because you're too afraid to be alone
Turn the page by Atavist
Not anywhere in the vicinity of good, but I will indulge my sad pathetic heart
Used. by nickfronzi
Going through a lot right now, so just writing from the heart.
Program Has Crashed by ITSaCRISIS
When everything is perfect, what do you do when you find out it never was?