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Moonless Sky

I remember a sky so
full of bright stars
that moon smiling
softly down upon me

I became obsessed
with one star...that
seemed to wink and
shine a bit brighter

The moon whispered
warning me, I heard
looking until I saw
the star was untrue

Perhaps I looked too
long entranced by the
star... now I realize
and the moon has fled

She hides her face
in dark clouds where
I can not see her or
hear her whisper sweetly

How I miss her... how
dark the sky has become
with it's million stars
that mean less without
my beautiful Moon.

I feel the darkness
take me as my will
fades beneath this
dark Moonless sky

by Nick1959
posted on 08/23/2020

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Comment by prettyspl: Sep 17, 2020 12:27 am
Beautifully written Nick. Full of worded grace and such sadness in every line. It made my heart hurt and reminded me about how cruel love can be. Beautiful!

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