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Came Back

The words you spoke so soft
and with love you said you felt
you made me always smile
and you made my heart just melt

we used to talk so much
and a great friend you became
you always stayed so loyal
and I tried to do the same

my friends thought I was weird
for liking you so much
for you live far away
and they thought that we’d lose touch

the words you spoke were so surreal
they almost sounded fake
I should have known the lies
Instead of letting my heart break

We didn’t speak at all
And it hurt to say your name
I didn’t think you’d be so mean
It really was a shame

But then one day you spoke to me
I was hesitant at first
You brought back my olds feelings
And it made my heart just burst

You say you miss my beauty
And that you want to be with me
You call me “babe” and say some words
Which is hard for me to see

How could you love somebody
That you ignored and didn’t care
How could I trust you this time
Even if you say you swear

by esportslover18
posted on 08/19/2010

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Comment by BehindTheseGreenEyes: Aug 19, 2010 9:04 am
I know how you feel,my husband has done the same **** to me.It's not hard to forgive them but it's hard to fear they'll do it again.I love your poem.Great job
Comment by MyHeartBeatsInThree: Aug 18, 2010 11:50 pm
It really is hard to take someone back into your heart wen they hurt you so much and then you can't hlp but wonder if you made the right choice. and at first, talking to that person might be like trying to avoid stepping on broken glass when it's shattered everywhere. i can relate to this a lot. i love this write

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