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challenged love

it is challenging
to stop thinking
about how much i miss you
with my hopes still shrinking.
we barely talk
and when i ask, i get blamed
feels like you don't care
and you don't feel ashamed.
yeah, she came into the picture
but you're ditching me for her?
i think you're a bit lost,
that's a point for sure.
so am i though
to many people now
i can't say i dont mind it,
that how they all of a suddem show.
i do love you
always and forever
that's what we promisd
that we'll get beack together.
but will you keep it?
i don't see it coming true.
no offence,
but we're talking about you.
and why do you drink?
you amaze me,
you're an alcoholic,
something you won't claim to be.
you're 17 babe.
and the army is almost here.
but all you worry about,
is when's the next high and drinking beer.
i'm so worried,
i know i shouldn't worry
you have no feeling
when you've gotten as high as the ceiling.
the crying has to stop.
decisions need to be made.
i can't keep holding on,
to something that's inevitably going to fade.

by HoldingOnForNow
posted on 11/30/2009

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Comment by spicysalsa1: Dec 16, 2009 6:35 pm
i liked it alot. it is deep and good
Comment by darkheart926: Nov 30, 2009 2:26 pm
I can really see what your trying to write and I love it.

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