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Champagne & Razorblades

Running pain, running red
Running away from the tears & dread
Hear them screaming in the street
Longing for some sort of divine relief

Gentle whispers are silenced with lead
Exploding in the side of your head
See them buliding up the lies
Feeding off desperate cries

Burning down the differences
'We all must be the same!'
Loving to hurt, craving insanity
And they've the nerve to call us insane

Shotgun kisses
Are the sweetest
New pashes, forget the old

Sweet lead smooches
Ignited with passion
So passe`
Is the old fashion

We've started practicing our eulogies
Preparing for our deaths
Broken promises, slow-burning kill
The beginning of the end

Surrender sweetheart

by XxSuicidalPrincess13xX
posted on 01/24/2009

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Comment by XxSuicidalPrincess13xX: Feb 5, 2009 3:44 pm
thankyou erin
that was exactly what i was aiming for (*)
Comment by SoLittleTime: Jan 27, 2009 12:15 am
it reads quickly, does that make sense?
its kinda like a chant, and you read each stanza faster than the last until you reach the last stanza, and then the final line, which seem to whisper slowly, carefully, to make sure you heard it right. the rhyming scheme is perfect.
well done. again

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