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there might be days when your world may come to a final crash.

or you try to smile to hind away from all the hurts and pain.

you may have joy in your heart but then you will be torn down into deep sorrows.

but then your world will turn around.

you will have move out on your own and you can feel so lost to not to know what to do.

children will be running around and screaming their lungs out.

and you will have things to do and places to go, go, go.

you world has became so crazy now.

when you feel so loved, you can still miss the ones you were around.

or when you try to hind away in lost or in fear you will end up still smiling and acting like nothing is wrong.

you can love being away from the ones that hurt you in your past.

but then you will have no out look on anger and frustrations.

you will have to shut your thoughts and feelings.

you will also have to keep your mouth shut.

there will be ex girlfriends that have the anger to kill your inner soul, and have the b body language to wordship
the evil one.

then your world that you once knew fades away and be come ccrazier then ever now.

Margaret Rose McDonald

by EvalyRose
posted on 09/19/2010

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Comment by ScarletSorrows: Oct 11, 2010 6:22 am
agreed hummm well my future is a depressing thought but i like wat u did here
Comment by Amethist: Sep 20, 2010 9:26 am
this poem...really makes you think about your future...my future...i like this poem alot.

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