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Rewind & Done

We’ve traveled this dark Highway before
Clutching hearts full of pain and regrets

Our minds spilling over with stress
Asking but never really knowing how
deep the rabbit hole is

A trail of suffering along the abyss
Eating our sanity within these secret walls
Again; No answers for time is lost,
and age devours what is left

Too little too late, but always searching
for truth in between the layers of deceit

Beware::The truth can make you blind ..
be careful of what you believe

Heartbreaking to even care, but the
suffering can’t even compare

To the rawness of living life while dead
inside your head

Feeling trapped by life’s addictions so sweet,
but oh so compelling, no one can ever be free

Asking forgiveness but slamming in the name
of love and righteousness

Such a pity to be so blind and never see,
What’s right and what’s wrong with a dark
angel’s kiss;

Help me.

by prettyspl
posted on 12/11/2020

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Tags: forgiveness, addiction
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Comment by urabaka: Feb 3, 2021 6:22 pm
aaaa you've endured so much, I miss coming on here. been on allpoetry lately :/ but you've improved so much~
Comment by HallowReveries: Dec 12, 2020 2:27 am
This painted rather vivid images in my mind. It feels good to read more of your poetry, spl.
Comment by Nick1959: Dec 12, 2020 12:28 am
Oh the things we are addicted too....they pull and push forever reforming us into a tangled mess. I know the feelings you are expressing but I hold to hope that maybe I will be free in this life...if not there is freedom at the end. Until then I'll just enjoy the ride

Wonderfully written and so glad to see you here again.


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