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Drowning, Broken Wings

gasping, i can no longer breathe.
blinded by the relentless tears
i'm drowning in my hurt,
a flowing river of fears
i'm broken, my heart is shattered.
i can't think
the pain is unbearable.
when is it all going to change?

let me fly
fix my broken wings
let me fly, disappear into the dark sanctum
in the abyss of my entity

the loud screams and cries deprive me of sleep
who could cry out in such agony?
a piercing wail escapes my lips, shocking me into reality.

when will i stop falling?
who will be the one to pick me up
and repair these wings, this heart?

my unworthy breaths justified in collapse
i, that cant seem to remember how to breathe,
realize its always been me.

i no longer want
i'm numb, finally the pain you've caused gone
drowned out by nothingness

it's too late, i'm slipping, sinking, deeper,
what are you waiting for
i'm almost gone
i'm falling further

i see you
your on the other side, the arid landscape a sudden haven
lend me hands,
pull me out.

why do you walk away?
why are you leaving?
are you merely a memory?

i can't breathe anymore

why did you have to go?
i don't want to be
i can't bear to see..
my alloted brief glimpse ripping a fresh wound

let me sink
let me suffocate

make the pain go away
while my erratic heartbeat subsides
i welcome this eternal sleep.
let me go to a place where i may finally find peace.

by xDxReneexBosqx
posted on 10/16/2009

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Comment by MsSchizo: Oct 22, 2009 9:58 am
So much sorrow my little friend! Verry deeply written ^-^ Nice work chica!
Comment by Callousedheart3: Oct 17, 2009 5:17 am
I like this poem a lot. It expresses so much sorrow. Nicely written.

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