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False Promises

I keep the monster in the cage
The lies swept under the rug
The demons never come out to play
Even though my heart strings tug

The smile stays on perfectly
Tears concealed in the eyes
Pain taken out on the wrist
The happiness always dies

The web spun by my lies
Has caught many in their fate
But there was one in particular
I couldn't help but hate

He spun his own web of lies
That I soon fell into as well
But that goes into another story
Way too long to tell

In summary of these past events
It all ended with a tragic end
Promises broken, lives shaken
And two hearts too damaged to mend

We went our separate ways
Oh, but what a mistake made
Little did we know
The memories would never fade

We both still love one another
But explanations are hard to find
Now we never will see
Any of the same kind

He seems to be broken to bits
But over time will heal
He waits along the broken road
To find another heart to steal

Now I walk along
With the comfort of the knife
Just looking for any reason
To shortly end my life

Oh what a tragic story
Of two hearts that will never stop wanting
But knowing we can never have each other
The memories will continue haunting

by NaturalBeauty
posted on 08/11/2012

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Comment by prettyspl: Aug 11, 2012 2:55 pm
Beautiful, tragic and full of regrets and memories that can not be put to rest. I loved it and really enjoyed reading about this tragic love gone wrong story. Wonderful!

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